Company History

Pharmaserv AG is a second generation family company
with 30 years of experience

The company founders from 1983: Hanspeter Meier & Kitty/Minh-Chau Meier

Current management and CEO's: Fredi Meier (left) and Daniel Meier (right)


An independent pharmaceutical company emerges from a small representative for pharmaceutical active ingredients in Thailand, under the name Aldan Ltd. The market cultivation primarily concentrates on the Asian region.


The company is able to consolidate its presence in the local markets and develops into a reliable source for pharmaceutical raw materials.


Founding of Aldamex AG in Switzerland. This branch office was the most important focal point for the stock turn of pharmaceutical goods at that time. Back-Office and Administration are still amongst the main areas of responsibility of this branch even today.


Thanks to the new market reforms, Vietnam opens up the global economy. Our business model is able to prove itself successfully in the past few years and has the necessary interfaces to open up new sales markets. With our additional branch in Ho Chi Minh City, we focus on the supervision of our customers and ensure our presence on the pharmaceuticals market with even more expression.


The customer base and the geographical location of Aldamex AG Schweiz, increasingly gains in importance. With the additional functions as a coordination point, this branch becomes the headquarters of the family company.


Aldamex AG opens up new business activities in Latin America.


We harmonise our international market appearance under a uniform and strong label "Pharmaserv".


Pharmaserv Co.Ltd in Vietnam expands its product portfolio in the area of cosmetic raw materials.


The twin brothers Alfred and Daniel take over the management of Pharmaserv.


Pharmaserv opens a new decanting laboratory for small scale manufacturing. We qualify ourselves again as a cGMP and cGDP tested company and set new standards in marketing small quantities at a pharmaceutical quality.