We are pharmaserv.

Pharmaserv AG.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients.

For more than 30 years we have been providing solutions for pharmaceutical raw materials on the international acquisition market.

Pharmaserv AG is a second-generation family business.
We are represented with branches in Stansstad (Switzerland) and Bangkokg (Thailand).

With our services we supervise both large and small purchasers such as pharmacies, hospitals and pharma-ceutical laboratories. Taking into account important market prognoses and market potential, our recipe for success is in the continual adjustment of our service portfolio to the needs of our customers. Efficient and reliable!

Our product range for pharmaceutical active ingredients is compiled with a great deal of care, and optimally oriented towards the relevant markets where we are active.

Our raw materials are further processed into high quality end products in the medicinal substance and cosmetic sector, and contribute significantly to the wellness of the people and their health. Therefore, we also see ourselves as a social component of our society, which makes its contribution to greater quality of life through needs oriented services in the trade of pharmaceuticals. This philosophy is the basic prerequisite for us to keep our finger on the pulse both today and in the future.

We rely on long and successful partnerships: nothing is more convincing than satisfied customers.

Pharmaserv AG Switzerland is neither contractually nor commercially connected with Pharmaserv GmbH &Co.KG in Marburg, Germany.