Small business - Pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories

We repack for you in small volumes.

With our GMP tested decanting station in Stansstad (canton of Nidwalden), we offer tailor made small scale productions for pharmaceutical active ingredients in a firm powder form.

Our range of permits also includes manufacturing substances containing anaesthetics, as well as the container specific guarantee of the starting substances identity (GID).

With our GID solutions we consolidate our service and our services for pharmacies.

We competently and successfully advise research and development institutes regarding laboratory chemicals and sell pharmaceutical active ingredients (API) for pharmacy/hospital requirements, for magistral formulas, reference materials or for analytical purposes.

We are GDP (Good Distribution Practice), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.
Our extensive range of active ingredients is of the highest quality.

Apart from our basic range we would also be happy to clarify unusual substances for you. With our international experience we are well informed about all sorts of active ingredient manufacturers. In this way we can introduce you to new supplier sources above and beyond the national borders.

Our services are also set up for the acquisition of smaller quantities in the gram range, which are not available or not competitive from common European wholesalers and distributors.

Rhino Syrup from our customer, Genossenschaft Volksapotheke Roter Ochsen in Schaffhausen

Delicious syrup for small children against cold.

Brompheniramin Maleat - Phenylephrin Hydrochloride - Phenylpropanolamin Hydrochloride


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Mexico, S.A. de C.v.

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Geneva - Switzerland

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